Exentriq Digital Presence

Everything you need to bring and manage your business online.

With Exentriq you can have your professional digital presence complete with all the features to make customisations independently.
The plan includes everything you need to start your online business and our specialists will assist you through the setup steps.

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Exentriq Communication

Everything you need to communicate with your customers

Exentriq provides your business with all the features needed to manage contacts and promote your business via email, SMS, digital coupons and social posts.
Our specialists will assist you in setting up and personalizing your initiatives and will help you to keep the dialog flowing with your customers.

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Exentriq Promotion

Everything you need to make your business visible and reach new customers

Exentriq allows you to improve the visibility and reputation of your business through digital marketing campaigns on the main search engines and online advertising channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.
The Exentriq team will be by your side during the configuration, and the optimization of the campaigns to help you achieve the set objectives.

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Exentriq provides online assistance and support through qualified specialists who are constantly available to facilitate the learning process or solve a problem. Getting started is quick and easy! Get Started