Businesses of all sizes are now aware that a digital presence is mandatory, collaboration can be highly beneficial, automation of workflows is key to keep competitiveness. Ultimately adaptiveness of the organisation is of paramount importance for long term survival in an ever changing environment where sudden and unpredictable economy distress is recurring with increasing frequency.

There are many solutions being brought to the market focusing on either workflow or collaboration or sales or messaging but they solve the problem partially, leading to confusion, in most cases immobility or clunky solutions at a very high cost.

Exentriq is the only solution looking at the ecosystem as a whole, a one stop shop for digital information automation services fully integrating unified communication, workflow automation and a fast growing range of applications proven to work for big and small organisations.

Exentriq is the perfect choice for entities trying to tackle digital transformation, innovation, lean and agile organizational methods as well as improving existing processes through automation or opening new business lines through large scale computing or data driven services.

Exentriq bridges the gap between process and data technologies providing an integrated solution that is both process centric on one hand and event driven on the other. This allows the rapid construction of completely customised user experiences for each actor involved in the process for faster time to market on new processes or more e client incremental evolutions on day to day operations.

Exentriq is the only solution looking at the ecosystem as a whole. A one-stop-shop combining digital information automation with fully integrated uni ed communication, work ow automation and machine assisted collaboration into a fast growing range of scalable applications. Easy 'low-code' reengineering of processes helps organisations to continually re ne and evolve solutions accelerating their business agility and efficiency


Exentriq is a modern Unified Communication and Automation Platform for the Orchestration of Complex Data Driven Business Dynamics that works for Big and Small organizations it Includes:

  • The Exentriq Operating System: a set of ready to use building blocks that can rapidly create automated products and workflows across multiple businesses.
  • A fully edged framework to continually evolve with your organization .
  • Advanced developer tools for complete customization of user experience.
  • Security and performance built-in.