Large scale data driven information automation at your fingertips. Exentriq is the platform for automating business processes that contain both human and machine actions.


Boards are fully integrated with all the other apps and provide an informative and agile way to track status and manage hybrid processes involving both humans and machines.


It provides the fundamental functionalities to roll out your robotic workforce as well as more complex cognitive agents able to discover anomalies, make forecasts and trigger actionable insights for informed and prompt decision making.

Device Management

Device management allows the user to take control and orchestrate a wide range of IoT devices as well as implement complex data enabled and content enabled device networks globally distributed and connected through the web.


Exentriq provides a comprehensive and integrated set of messaging, group video communication, asset sharing and interactive apps distribution services to facilitate and govern end to end outbound, social and internal team communication needs.

Cloud Content Orchestration

Exentriq applications enable the user to to orchestrate complex workflows involving publishing digital content, create digital assets such as sites, portals, intranets and blogs. It integrates with your favorite cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Youtube, Instagram and Vimeo with more added regularly.

Knowledge Management

Exentriq enables a new approach to knowledge management by managing micro-events at scale as they are triggered during process execution, as well as managing assets, documents, and the encoded processes in real-time, making possible the generation of an interactive knowledge-base that grows with your business.

Business Administration

The Business administration pack provides the fundamental applications to to manage complex supply dynamics as well as manage your organization and financials.

3rd Parties Apps

Exentriq is integrated with hundreds of 3rd parties services for content, commerce, administration, and payments.