Exentriq enables a new approach to knowledge management by managing micro-events at scale as they are triggered during process execution, as well as managing assets, documents, and the encoded processes in real-time, making possible the generation of an interactive knowledge-base that grows with your business.

Exentriq C.O.R.E.

it is the Exentriq component that allows to encode complex organization models and provide access to the different services of the platform reliably and securely. It provides the fundamental cloud content orchestration functionalities and to manage the digital presence as well as inbound and outbound communication.

Exentriq A.R.T.

Is the robotic workforce orchestration system it allows to remove repetitive activities from humans so that they can focus on activities that require higher level cognitive capabilities.

Exentriq G.A.I.A.

Is the agent-based Information automation system that allows end to end process centric and event driven automation, it allows to deploy large scale IoT architectures and provide operations orchestration and real time control capabilities

Exentriq M.I.N.D.

is the Exentriq machine intelligence component that allows to run machine learning algorithms and apply modern AI techniques to Sparse Datasets. It is the state of the art in cognition systems to gear Exentriq robots with intelligent behavior.

Exentriq R.O.M.E.O.

It allows to orchestrate agile process and track status over complex end to end processes and has been proven to work on a wide range of industries. ROMEO is extensively used to interconnect teams across geographies, as well as across departments and companies boundaries. Exentriq ROMEO provides a simple yet powerful way to encode activities and track complex pipelines

Exentriq E.M.A.

Is the Exentriq component that allows to encode complex supply dynamics and orchestrate end to end processes form the initial estimate through the production management to the final accounting.

Exentriq S.M.A.R.T.

Is a highly advanced Information Engine capable of analyzing data by implementing semantic discovery methods and advanced statistical techniques. It utilizes artificial neural networks (ANN) to cluster content and retain the semantic relation between contents. SMART is capable of running a Semantic lexical analysis and to build a "local context" to discover hidden semantics.

Exentriq O.A.S.I.S.

It provides the general framework and instrumentation to run Adaptive Organizations through the 5 pillars of the OASIS model i.e. Open models, Abstraction capabilities, Synergic behaviors, Intelligence and Sustainability