Robots are a key ingredient for automation, and are used to encode knowledge and relieve humans of time consuming repetitive activities, so we can focus on cognitive activities that machines are still not able to accomplish.


Lovelace is Exentriq's agile process management assistant that helps with the implementation of end to end DevOps procedures from initial requirement collection to final approval, release automation and continuous integration.


Kevin is Exentriq's security enforcement assistant. It monitors networks and complex cloud architectures against cyber threats and attacks, and provides continuous detection in organization-wide security assurance processes.


Abraham is Exentriq's policies enforcement virtual assistant. It maps policies such as GDPR, CCPA and consent management to automated processes and it provides auditable lists of events associated with each norm or legal requirement.


Yoda is Exentriq's Q&A Assistant. It queries open and private datasets as well as hyper-aggregates information from the open web.


Chronos is Exentriq's virtual assistant that helps with time tracking activities for teams small and large.

Exentriq Robots

Activities performed by bots can be based on rules or more advanced artificial intelligence models. They assist us in completing a job or making a decision, or can autonomously perform additional processes based on a self estimated confidence. At Exentriq we have built consistent experience with robotic and intelligent automation of processes, integrating a wide variety of raw data sources, and trained extremely complex algorithms able to deal with vision, semantic correlation and other discovery, detection and autonomous behavior problems.

Robotic Workforce Orchestration

Exentriq provides the functionalities to configure autonomous agents that will take care of repetitive or pattern recognizable tasks. Each Robotic Assistant can perform either If/Then flows or Machine Learning based detection, correlation and prediction actions.

Advanced Analytics, Actionable Insights

Exentriq allows you to Implement SMART criteria for measures (KPIs) and actions (Tasks) providing advanced visualization tools. It makes information promptly available and tailored in order to handle any situation.