Exentriq provides mobile apps that enable you to connect with individuals directly and as groups, connect activities with contributors and resources, connect locations distributed over different geographies and connect devices.

Exentriq Talk provides direct and group communication services through chat voice and video fully integrated with Exentriq collaboration and automation services.

Exentriq Edo allows you to orchestrate agile process and track status over complex end to end supply dynamics and has been proven to work with a wide range of industries. Exentriq Edo is used extensively to interconnect teams across geographies, as well as across teams, departments and company boundaries. Exentriq Edo provides a simple yet powerful way to encode activities and track complex pipelines.

Exentriq Meet is the secure Voice and Video call extension of Exentriq Talk that turns conversations into group audio-video calls. It enables you to create Meeting Rooms to share with friends, colleagues, teams and peers or to connect with your Exentriq contacts using audio and video to enjoy high quality group calls.

Exentriq Connect allows the distribution of interactive applications on any Android, iOS and TVOS device. Web applications can be built and distributed to devices through the Exentriq Device Manager; providing endless interaction possibilities including Digital Signage, Kiosks and Multi-Screen Interactive content distribution, as well as information based, data driven learning and training apps. Connect can also make short range network interactions through iBeacons and NFC sensors.

The Exentriq Directory provides services to map locations and make location-based information emerge, allowing the orchestration of complex location based interactions as well geo-referenced information discovery.